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Our Story

A brief history 


Our group began in 2001 with a simple idea when two close cousins decided to give up alcohol for Lent.  They had spoken about it for a few years but never pulled the trigger until then.  Only the two of them participated that year, and it went surprisingly well.  The following year, the two decided to invite others to join.  The group began to expand and included brothers, other cousins, and friends from other States, Cape Verde, and Norway.  It was not until a few years later that the group decided to turn it into an annual fundraising event to help those in need.  

At the time, the group decided to support Denise, a non-profit kindergarten school in S. Filipe, Fogo, Cabo Verde, that catered to children in need.  We always sent one hundred percent (100%) of the fundraising proceeds to Denise.  When we transferred the money, a member would invariably pay the transfer fee to get 100% of the funds to the school. 

In 2013, the school underwent a significant transformation (it seemed), including a change in management.  Not knowing the direction of the school, the group decided to look for another organization it could begin supporting.  Around the same time, the group would learn of Casa Madre Teresa (CMT), a house for the elderly built by the Franciscan Sisters.  The land on which this new building would sit was donated to the sisters by the local government.  From gravel to cement to doors and windows, all the building materials were donated by people from various parts of the world.  When they ran out of construction materials from time to time, someone or some company would provide the needed items.  As the now-deceased Irma Tututa once said (paraphrasing), “We experienced small miracles almost daily.”  Since 2013, our group has consistently donated 100% of all proceeds annually to Casa Madre Teresa (CMT).  Again, even the transfer fees were donated so that 100% of the costs would make it to CMT.

In 2019, we began discussing the idea of becoming an official 501(c)(3) organization, and by 2020, the group was approved and recognized by the IRS as a non-profit organization.  The group would be known as CV Seeds Of Hope, Inc.


Our Mission

We have a simple mission...

To assist those in need, here at home and abroad, focusing primarily on the Cape Verdean elderly, children, and new immigrants to the US.

Behind The Scenes

-- Board of Directors --


Our strength lies in working together as unpaid volunteers to make a difference in the lives of others in need.  When we started our work in 2020, we understood that by working together as volunteers and seeking the help of others outside our organization, we could be more effective in what we do.  We rely on people outside our organization to help us achieve our fundraising goals. We raise funds to help other non-profit organizations with similar missions achieve their objectives.  We also help individuals with demonstrated needs through direct financial support.

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