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On this page, you will find information about past events, including pictures, video clips, and other interesting, by-the-number facts about the events.

Dinner Event at First Parish Hall, Dorchester, MA, January 27, 2024

Snapshot of the Event ticket
It's "J. Sena time"
T. Barros and J. Sena collaborating on a song
A selfie of and by beautiful guests and Board Members
Timas on the guitar, Azevedo animating the crowd below
Timas and Azavedo playing while guests dance to the beat of some cool CV music
T, Teixeira, T. Barros, & J
One of the raffle prize winners

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Dinner Fundraising Event to raise funds to benefit Casa Madre Teresa, a house for the elderly, in Fogo, Cabo Verde.  The event was a success, thanks to our attendees and the many generous donors.

The team raised a little over $14000 (after expenses), just shy of our $15,000 goal.  Thanks to all who came to support this event and to everyone who donated their time and talent, raffle products, food, drinks, and other materials to help make this a successful event.


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Dinner Event at First Parish Hall, Dorchester, MA, January 27, 2024

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